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Flexibility is key to attracting and retaining talent

As we cautiously navigate a return to work after a year in which most of us have adapted to new ways of working, law firm leaders have a unique opportunity to listen to colleagues whose needs and priorities have certainly changed during the coronavirus pandemic.

What challenges will 2021 bring?

It’s been an awful year. Firms were forced to adapt to the threat of COVID19 and suddenly we were all either working from home, furloughed, or facing redundancy. There have undoubtedly been individual and collective challenges across many fronts, but the pandemic has also provided an opportunity to fast track positive changes.

It’s good to talk

None of us know how long the current pandemic will last, but it is clear that it has created opportunities to review working practices and the way services are delivered to meet client needs.

Training new lawyers for long term success

The start of the new school year brings a flurry of activity for parents with the purchase of new school uniforms, shoes, and yet another pencil case. For children, there is the excitement and anxiety of the academic year ahead.  This is not dissimilar to when newly recruited lawyers arrive at their first law firm, wanting above all else to make a good impression at the start of their careers.

Teach to nurture talented lawyers

The best law firm managers are great teachers. What sets them apart is their willingness to actively engage in one to one tutoring of their direct reports during the course of their work. This approach encourages the personal development of skills, and independence of thought and action.

Tap dancing your way to success

Can management and leadership skills be taught and learnt?

There are some people who think that skills such as management and leadership cannot be taught; you are either born with them or not, and that all leadership and management abilities are a matter of natural talent.

Route map to success

It’s a fact that if you were setting out on a journey you hadn’t taken before you would probably consult a map or use a satellite navigation aid to help you find your way. It’s also a fact that law firms who have a written business plan perform better than those who don’t have a plan.

What does your future look like?

Trapped on the treadmill of billable hours, juggling the competing demands of clients, ominous threats that AI will reduce lawyers to button pushing monkeys, and limp sandwiches at networking events, may have led you to wake up and realise that you do not like your job, or be wondering exactly where your career is heading.

Is setting goals really beneficial?

If you ever wondered about the real value of goal setting, then you’re not alone. Despite the mantra that goals are good, the process of setting and achieving beneficial goals is harder than it appears.

Passing the baton

Although acknowledging the need to ensure that the firm has enough people with the right skills and leadership potential to step into business-critical positions at the right time, law firms often avoid the subject of succession.