Our services are integrated to maximise the benefit of our involvement across your business.

Business Development

We help our clients to identify strategic opportunities which may include cultivating partnerships or commercial relationships, or identifying new markets for their products and services. We further support these activities with business development training.

Change Management

We do not prescribe change, but as change management becomes more necessary to remain competitive, we assess our client’s business for change, helping them to identify what transformations will have the most significant impact on their future business. We work collaboratively with clients to implement any changes required, supporting individuals and teams to make sustainable organisational change. We do this by applying methods that redirect or redefine the use of resources, business process and budget allocations to significantly enhance measurable business performance.

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching is the core process through which enhanced organisational performance and cultural change is achieved. We are certified Master Coaches (CMC) experienced in providing coaching to individuals and teams to support business objectives. We offer coaching and mentoring programmes to develop in house coaching skills expertise, enabling our clients to better manage their own business performance.


Communication and engagement runs throughout our work, engaging with everyone in the business to create shared ownership and a sense of accountability. We assist our clients with their business communications to maximise the impact of internal and external messages.


We advise on governance, risk management and compliance issues including GDPR and data protection. We recommend cost saving and risk reducing solutions based on our knowledge and experience as acting Company Secretary for a number of our clients.

HR Support

We offer a range of HR services drawing on our extensive employment law expertise, many of our clients choosing to outsource their entire HR function to us on a retained basis. We offer a range of packages to suit the needs of individual businesses.

Leadership & Partner Performance

Our leadership and partner training provides a focus on leadership at the top level of the business and in various roles within helping to identify future leaders. We offer bespoke partnership retreats.

Management Consulting

We improve business performance by helping clients to resolve problems and find new and innovative ways to work. We identify the need for businesses to develop and maintain the management skills of their employees enabling them to meet increasing client expectations.


We can provide support to your business through pre and post-merger to aid integration and to ensure cohesion and minimum disruption to your business. We can also facilitate your confidential search for a merger partner.

Organisational Design

We ensure that our client’s activities are tailored to deliver the competitive strategy of their business and we evaluate the key objectives it enables.

People & Culture

A strong culture lies at the heart of every successful business. We encourage clients to identify and adopt strategies that will enhance the behaviour and wellbeing of individuals throughout the business and can be supported by our comprehensive HR offering.

Performance Management

We evaluate the direction and performance of our client’s business and help them to implement a strategy to meet their specific needs. By working with us they can improve their effectiveness and achieve a transformation that is of lasting value.

Strategic Advice

We design sustainable strategies for clients to encourage business growth, helping them to achieve increased profits through responsible business practice.